Soulmates in a Bohemian Dream

“What makes this photoshoot unique is the fact that it tells the whole story of two soulmates, getting ready for their big day. We wanted to explore not only the beauty and the details of the wedding day, but also the raw, real beauty of the days before. This is the reason why we choose to photograph the couple being playful and sharing some intimate moments, preparing for the wedding, talking and dreaming about it. Then the story develops, she’s in the bedroom waiting to wear her beautiful dress, she has a look in the mirror and then she’s ready for the day – an intimate wedding in Tuscany, for two soulmates.

Magione dei Todaro was the perfect place for this photoshoot, a 18th century building with traditional rustic decor. Next to the property is the beautiful Pretorio Palace, where there are well-preserved mediaeval frescoes and a beautiful Romanesque church where we decided to shoot the ceremony.”

by Junebug Weddings

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